Araba Oyunları APK Download (v2.3) for Android 2023


The Araba Oyunları APK is a free car game that will stun you with its amazing features and cars. The game has been created with all the essentials that meet the best car game versions.
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20, December 2022

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There are various games on the internet that you can play for free. But, there is very less chance that you will enjoy all of them. Also, you can have differences in taste for every game genre. With that, you can prefer to play role-playing games rather than spending your time playing card games. So, today we are bringing an amazing car game for you, the new Araba Oyunları APK.

Cars are very essential parts of our lives and we cannot ignore that. Also, we must learn to drive cars and bikes. No one knows that we may need to be a driver in some part of life. Also, we can have a good time on long drives with our favorite car. So, driving a car in real life and in virtual games, both are very fun. That is why; you must give it a try to Araba Oyunları APK.

what is Araba Oyunları APK?

The Araba Oyunları APK is a free car game that will stun you with its amazing features and cars. The game has been created with all the essentials that meet the best car game versions. Also, the developers are working on improving the next version of the game with even more features. So, you are welcome to give your suggestions and feedback about this version of Araba Oyunları APK.

Adding to that, the game is very simple but interesting. You will enjoy driving the car on the road with great controls. Also, the amazing view of the background will not let you get bored or feel loose. You will enjoy every movement of the steering wheel and the gear-changing sound. The driver can turn around beautiful road corners and take you to a world of amazing roads.

Also, the Araba Oyunları APK is giving you many camera angles as you drive the car. You are free to change the cameras from the driving seat. Also, you can set that up from the lobby before entering the game. This is not so helpful because you can get an idea about the movement of the car sitting in the driver’s seat and changing the cameras. You will have to just tap on the camera icon above the controls to set it.

The Araba Oyunları APK has all the controls available for you. You can easily set the controls from the settings. Some of the players go with the default settings but there are many who prefer to customize the settings. If you are customizing the settings, you are getting a good grip on the steering icon and the brakes. That is why; those who set their own controls are performing very well compared to others.

Moreover, the game is letting you upgrade the cars in the garage as well. A separate option or feature in Araba Oyunları APK lets you do the car optimization as well. First, you have to select your favorite car or the best car on the list. After that, you can customize the color and other engine-related features. With that, your car will be faster and smoother.

Furthermore, you can play many modes in Araba Oyunları. If you are willing to go to competitions then you can do that in the competitive mode. Also, you can play the solo driving mode to just roam on the roads. This is free driving and you will have no limit on this mode. You can go from one corner of the map to the other corner easily.

Features of Araba Oyunları APK:

The game is not a premium or paid version. So, all modes, options, tools, maps, and cars are free to access.
Some of the features are listed below:

  • Best Car collection: The game has the most amazing and fastest cars for you. Also, you are free to use anyone of them. You don’t have to buy anything or collect any coins etc.
  • Attractive Maps: The roads or maps on which you are driving are very pleasant. There are no distractions or obstacles and you will not face other issues as you drive by the police cars.
  • Various Modes: The Araba Oyunları has introduced many new modes and missions. You will have to play the game and explore these missions and modes. The modes will be increased in the upcoming versions as well.
  • Simple Controls: The controls are icons and buttons on the touch screen. You will see the accelerator, brakes, and steering wheel of the car. Also, you can add the gear icon if you need it.
  • Camera Angles: The camera icon on the screen lets you change the angles into close and distant. You can go with the easiest one according to your preference.
  • Customization: The cars and controls can be customized from the settings. Also, you can optimize the cars for a better driving experience.

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Additional features of Araba Oyunları APK:

  1. Free to use and download.
  2. Music and background sounds.
  3. Best maps and roads.
  4. Compatible with low devices.
  5. Simple yet elegant graphics.
  6. Appealing interface.
  7. Change controls.
  8. Mobile-friendly settings.
  9. No premium items.


Game lovers are going to love this simple but free car game. It has all the features that make a car game more elegant and smooth. You don’t have to worry about the interface or options. It is compatible with both high and low devices. so, download Araba Oyunları now.

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