Astral Bullet APK Download (latest version 6.7) for Android


The Astral Bullet APK is a thrilling game that takes you out of this world. It has amazing graphics with heart-taking challenges. The game has a very unique plot and you are going to control the game as a role-player.
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23, December 2022

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Welcome to all those who love fantasy games. We are giving you the best game that suits your taste and provides you with thrilling modes. The new Astral Bullet APK is waiting for you to explore.

what is Astral Bullet APK?

The Astral Bullet APK is a thrilling game that takes you out of this world. It has amazing graphics with heart-taking challenges. The game has a very unique plot and you are going to control the game as a role-player. The game is free to download and the user interface is pretty easy to control. Also, the game servers are very responsive and collaborative.

Adding to that, in this game you have to visit a place where many heroines are gathered. They are trying to save the incoming villains and you have to be with them in this fight. These heroines are beautiful and they have very powerful skills as well. Also, they are building up a team that is undefeatable and you have to participate with your heroine.

The Astral Bullet APK gives you access to all hot and beautiful characters. You can select the most powerful heroine and go out to fight evil. The world is at great risk of getting invasion by these evil entities. Fight with them and kill them all. You can be the leader and prepare your team to fight with the bosses of these villains as well.

Moreover, the Astral Bullet APK has no premium characters or outfits. All these characters and their outfits are free to unlock from the store. Also, you can use the items like headgear, bracelets, shirts, scarves, mufflers, and a lot more. All these items are listed in the store and you can get them by winning the fights. Also, there are some daily tasks as well that you can complete to get free items as well.

Furthermore, the graphics and audio quality are very realistic and the background music is very soothing as well. You can select the music and resolution for the graphics from the settings. Also, you don’t have to upgrade to high devices, the application works perfectly on low devices as well. It is compatible with all its amazing features and options.

The user interface is very clean and clear. All the stuff is arranged perfectly with suitable spaces. You can see icons representing the features and options. The game modes are arranged with increasing difficulty levels. Also, the stores are available with just one click.

The weapons in this game are epic. You are getting the most advanced and powerful guns that kill the evils in one shot. Also, you can upgrade these weapons to make them even better at dealing with damage. Many of the weapons are crashing the incoming bullets as well. That means you can use these weapons to move forward and go near the opponent and then kill them easily.

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Features of Astral Bullet APK:

The game is not paid or premium which means all the stuff is free to access. All the items, features, modes, outfits, weapons, etc. are without any money.

  • Simple controls: you are using gestures to control your player or heroine. You can move your finger left and right to dodge the bullets and at the same time fire with your weapons. So, the controls are pretty simple.
  • Powerful weapons: the weapons can be upgraded and then they block all incoming bullets reaching your character. Also, you are defeating many evils with a single gun and powerful bullets as well.
  • Various modes: the game puts you in various modes and challenges. You have to play like pro players and win every single mission. Also, you will enjoy intense fights with great weapons.
  • Complete daily tasks: You are getting many rewards and items by completing the daily tasks. If you are completing these tasks you are getting a free way to the store and then you can get whatever you want.
  • Fight the Boss: You can train to fight the Bosses and win against them. They are coming in every mission. You have to defeat them in order to move ahead in the levels.
  • Select the best Heroines: These heroines will help you to get rid of the incoming evils. Build an amazing team and then fight the villains. The heroines are;
  1. Necta
  2. Mikan
  3. Mao
  4. China
  • Offline game: this is the most epic announcement for gamers. This game is offline and you don’t have to be online every time to play this game. You can only download the game online and then play it offline.

Additional features of Astral Bullet APK:

  • Train your characters
  • Customize the characters
  • Win amazing rewards and items
  • Best graphics with improved sounds
  • Fastest and most responsive servers
  • Exclusive features for free
  • Mobile-friendly user interface
  • Compatible with Android devices


The game is touching your nerves by giving you intense missions. You will feel sweat running down your face while competing against the bosses. But, you will feel relief once you unlock the powerful weapons and heroines. After that, you will defeat anything that comes in your, download Astral Bullet APK now

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