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Attack on Survey Corps Apk is an Adult simulation game for men and women both where soldiers are sent to perform assigned tasks.
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09, December 2022

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Animated games used to be played in Japan years ago. They were also known as Manga games. Then they started getting famous in other parts of the world and gamers loved all the animated games, especially simulation games. Simulation games are mostly adult games where you are supposed to complete some erotic tasks given to you.

The main purpose of these games is to provide you with pleasure and satisfaction. Attack on Survey Corps Apk is also an adult simulation game where soldiers are supposed to complete the given missions. We do not promote any pornographic activities and this article and information are just for the purpose of education.

Okay so back to the topic this version of the game will sign you adult tasks and you will go to newly assigned locations and perform your duty as a soldier which is the basic theme of the game. If you want to have some real fun when you need to download the Attack on Survey Corps Apk because I would not disclose every secret here.

What is Attack on Survey Corps Apk?

Attack on Survey Corps Apk is an Adult simulation game for men and women both where soldiers are sent to perform assigned tasks. During their journey, they meet hot and beautiful girls, who might be a spy or normal citizens. Your task is to flirt with them, make them fall in love with you have fun, and find out the real identity of the girl.

You will explore so many new locations. Those girls will be pretty bold and your only mission is to make them your date. You will come in contact with some monsters and by killing them you will meet new bold girls. Their short clothes and cheesy eyes will distract you and the fun point is you are there to get distracted and have fun.

This game has high-definition picture quality and the animations are also so detailed and in HD. So make sure you play it ad refer it to your other friends. This game is addictive and full of adult tasks. If you are a fan of adult games and have an addiction to watching adult videos then Attack on Survey Corps Apk is perfect for you. Download it now. But make sure you have enough stamina to win all the stages of the game.

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Key Features of Attack on Survey Corps Apk:

  • Adult activities: You will meet hot and bold girls and will do so many adult activities with them which will satisfy you to the highest level.
  • Adventure and thriller: You are a soldier and the opposing team can attack you anytime so be prepared mentally and always be prepared for attacks, so this game will be so much fun and a thriller mix.
  • Bold female spies: There are higher chances that the girls you meet will be spies of rival countries, so make them fall in love with you and get their deepest secrets.
  • Erotic Tasks: You will be assigned to meet and date pretty girls and spend time with them and at every time you will meet new girls.
  • Explore new maps: New beautiful maps and locations are implanted in the game to make it more beautiful.
  • HD graphics: The graphics, buildings, and everything is in HD to make it look more realistic that’s why thousands of people are downloading it.
  • Realistic Animations: The animations like girls, their clothes, and body parts are designed very clearly and in high-resolution that’s why this game is in trend these days.
  • Free to access: There is no need to install VPN to play this game, you can download and install this game free of cost and enjoy it.


Simulation games are of different types but adult simulation games are the most popular trend this year. People play these games for satisfaction and fun. There you will play interesting missions and complete given adult tasks which will make you addicted to it. So download Attack on Survey Corps Apk now and share it with your all young friends. Make sure to visit us again, we miss you guys!



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