BADGE99 Injector APK V 5.4 free Download for Android


Adding to that, the BADGE99 Injector APK will give you many battleground cheats and location hacks. These location hacks are giving you the exact place to find Medkit, vehicles, guns, teleportation zone, recall centers, ammunition stores, etc.
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There are many competitive games on the internet that puts you in hard conditions. But, many players love to play role-playing and shooting games like Garena Free Fire, PUBG, MLB, etc. These games are really tough to play and they always require great skills. So, we are helping those who cannot play the Garena Free Fire game, giving them BADGE99 Injector APK.

The Garena Free Fire game is not a common game; it requires you to be present virtually and mentally at the battleground. There are various modes like solo, duo, squad, etc. and you have to play these modes to win. If you are winning these modes by scoring high ranks, you can enjoy all the benefits of the game. Also, you will be sponsored by the Free Fire officials as well.

what is BADGE99 Injector APK?

The world of gaming is getting hard and there are many players who are invincible in various games. So, new players always struggle to make their moves and get a place. Such players lack premium items and good skills, which leads then to chaotic endings. That is where; the BADGE99 Injector APK comes in, this is an amazing free cheat injector that will make things simpler and easier.

All the new players can enjoy the Garena Free Fire game and tackle all missions easily. This application is giving them the best features and hacks that are helping them to get high ranks. There are numerous cheats, tricks, hacks, and tools that will be available for free. Also, the in-game accessories can be used for free as well. So, this application is the best injector ever made for Garena Free Fire.

Adding to that, the BADGE99 Injector APK will give you many battleground cheats and location hacks. These location hacks are giving you the exact place to find Medkit, vehicles, guns, teleportation zone, recall centers, ammunition stores, etc. Also, you can go to the location instantly through the speed hack and fast cars. There are the best motorbikes and trains as well that will take you faster.

The BADGE99 Injector APK has given the advantage to the players in the shape of Teleportation. This amazing feature will take you to a distant area within seconds. Also, you can travel to every corner of the map where the zone is forming. Many players use this free feature to escape from the opponent squad or from the zone. They are also joining their team players in need as well.

Moreover, the other feature of Drone view is giving you the view over the heads. This hack is very helpful in the last zone. You are actually getting the whole map in front of your eyes. Also, you can guide your teammates to safe places and then plan the attack. This can also save you from an instant rush by the opponent players as well. Many players are very satisfied with the drone vision hack.

Furthermore, the BADGE99 Injector APK has access to all the paid and best outfits, skins, costumes, etc. in Free Fire. These things are very good to attract viewers to your gameplay. Many people browse the internet and YouTube to watch Free Fire gameplays; they are watching those players who have appealing skins. So, you can unlock the best skins and then upload your gameplay videos.

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Features of BADGE99 Injector APK:

  • A tough game made easy: Garena Free Fire is a very hard game to learn and play. But, with this new application, you will be among the pro players. Also, your gameplay will be very good.
  • Rank booster: The application is particularly created to increase your performance and ultimately boost your rank. There are many benefits of having high ranks;
  1. Free Sponsorship
  2. Free skins
  3. Great weapons
  4. Best bundles
  • Post Gameplays: Social sites and YouTube is a great source to earn money and fame. There are many Free Fire players who are posting their gameplay videos on these sites and earning money.
  • Get sponsorships: The official developers and managers of the Garena Free Fire game are sponsoring the videos of the best players. Also, they are giving you their badges as well. So, you can earn that by using the BADGE99 Injector APK.
  • Speed Hack: the cars will move with the speed of light. You can travel faster than before with this new hack. Also, the running is made faster for you as well.
  • Travel Ropes: The map will be your playing area and the ropes tied to different pillars will be your traveling hacks. These ropes are a good source to travel faster and smoother.


The application will help the new players to locate important sites on the map. Also, the new players can enjoy free bundles of skins for the default characters. This builds their interest in the game and they will enjoy playing with the customized characters.

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