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The Bellara BLRX APK is an amazing tool for all such players who want to unlock all Free Fire premium things. The application is going to help you get whatever you want without no money.
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Bellara BLRX
20, December 2022

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Many of the Garena Free Fire players are leaving the gaming field with dissatisfaction. There could be many reasons but the most prominent one is the lack of premium items. Garena Free Fire game is not an easy game, it requires you to be exceptional to compete with others. So, we are giving you Bellara BLRX APK to make your day letting you be the best player.

what is Bellara BLRX APK?

The Bellara BLRX APK is an amazing tool for all such players who want to unlock all Free Fire premium things. The application is going to help you get whatever you want without no money. Also, there are some players who do not want to take any risk in buying premium features. So, for them, this new application is best with great free features.

Adding to that, the Bellara BLRX APK will give you access to the ultimate store of Garena Free Fire. You are free to click on any item without worrying about its cost. All the things that are shown in that store are free for you. Also, you can buy skins for your characters and other in-game things. The application is giving you a large variety both in outfits and in skins.

Also, the Bellara BLRX APK best suits many android devices. The application is well-designed with an amazing interface. The controls and icons are simple with tables arranged in a particular order. You are free to open any table and select the hack or cheat. This is really smooth and it allows you to do so on the battlefield as well. Likewise, you can change the cheats and tricks in the middle of the match.

More about the application:

The Bellara BLRX APK is giving free skins of all the great and powerful characters of Garena Free Fire. You can make them stronger and faster with these skins. Most of the players are buying premium skins from other sources as well. But, the users of Bellara BLRX APK are not going to waste their money on such third-party sites. They can easily get what they want on this free application.

Moreover, the application is giving a huge list of battle effects that make the game more interesting. These battle effects are sometimes termed battle hacks. You can benefit from these small tricks while playing intense missions. Also, the Garena Free Fire itself is a very tough game and it puts you in hard modes. In some modes, you have to compete solo with the rest of the players. So, these battle hacks can really help you in that situation.

Furthermore, the users are competing in squads as well. That means you are up to killing more than 50 other players on that particular island. The area is quite large and you have to travel as well. Sometimes, you are getting shots from very distant areas. All these battle hacks like Auto-aim, Aim-lock, Target-Lock, ESP menu, Map hack, Teleportation, GlooWall, Wallhack, Drone Vision, etc. are going to help you.

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Features of Bellara BLRX APK:

The Garena Free Fire game is a premium battle royal game. Also, it mostly features premium items, so you can use this new application to unlock many premium things for free.

The features are as follows:

  • Medkit Location: Medkit is healing you when you are getting bullets and you cannot go on fights without any Medkit. So, this application is giving you the location of Medkit on the battleground.
  • Auto-Headshot: The players are sometimes struggling with getting a perfect headshot. They cannot control the recoil of the gun. So, this feature will help them to get a perfect headshot from a distant area as well.
  • Invisible GlooWall: when you have been attacked by many players, the only thing that can protect you in an open area is GlooWall. So, this feature of invisible GlooWall is really helpful in open fields.
  • ESP Lines: These lines are the basic hacks in such applications. These are giving you the line-drawn location of the opponent players. Also, you can see their movement as well.
  1. ESP Distance
  2. ESP Fireline
  3. ESP Color
  4. ESP Grenade
  • Recall towers: There are many recall towers on the battleground from where you can recall your teammates. These players are given second chance to play the game.
  • Unlock Premium Characters: there are many premium characters in the Garena Free Fire game that every player loves. The game is going to be more exciting and fun with these heroes. So, you are getting them at zero cost.
  1. Alok
  2. Adam
  3. Antonio
  4. Sara
  5. Maya
  • Vehicles skins: There are many cars, buggies, buses, Rickshaws, motorbikes, etc. in the game. These are very ordinary in their appearance but you can alter them with the best skins.
  • Powerful Weaponry: The game is more thrilling and dangerous with upgraded weapons and shotguns. The Bellara BLRX APK is going to take you to the inventory with great guns.

Additional features of Bellara BLRX APK:

  1. Drone Vision and Antenna
  2. Aim-Lock Menu
  3. Best car skins
  4. Anti-ban and 100% secure
  5. No reports and registration
  6. Simple user interface
  7. Elegant colors and sounds
  8. Add background images and videos
  9. Smooth and fast servers
  10. Compatible with Android devices
  11. Mobile-friendly options
  12. Best hacks and cheats


The most amazing thing about the application is its multi-functions. It just not only gives you hacks and cheats for the Free Fire game. It also unlocks premium items from the store as well. Also, you are enhancing your gameplay and customizing the game graphics as well. So, download Bellara BLRX APK now…


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