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v 1.74.6

The CarX Street APK is a free-to-play racing game that does not have any premium features. Also, it is very simple in plot and the user interface is very solitary.
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CarX Technologies
v 1.74.6
23 December, 2022

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Racing games are always very thrilling and exciting. There are many platforms where you are able to watch the racing. Also, racing has many categories as well. If you will talk about them, you will probably end up in car racing. That is because; car racing is the best racing between skillful drivers. Also, they are striving hard to be the first. So, today we are giving the steering in your hand by giving you the new CarX Street APK.

There are different games for racing like bicycle racing, bike racing, motor GP racing, horse racing, skateboard racing, and a lot more. But the most played game is the car racing one because it gives you more joy while driving the cars. Also, you are getting thrilling vibes as you drift the car in corners. So, you can show off your driving skills to your friends and family as well.

About CarX Street APK:

The CarX Street APK is a free-to-play racing game that does not have any premium features. Also, it is very simple in plot and the user interface is very solitary. You will be able to drive the most amazing cars available in the garage. Also, you are not required to buy or purchase any car through cash, etc. So, you can drive these cars by completing the missions and daily tasks only.

Adding to that, the game will take you to narrow streets where you have to drive through deadly obstacles. Also, you don’t have to harm any civilians either. If you are doing that, the game ends there and it will not proceed further. So, you must avoid hitting someone or hitting any obstacle. Also, you have to keep the speed in steady or fast form so you can reach the end-point on time. That is also very crucial for you.

Furthermore, the CarX Street APK is a competitive game and you have to compete with other cars in the race. You are supposed to win the race to win exciting prizes and new cars. Also, you will be ranked with the top players in the race on hoardings as well. With that, the game is rewarding the first three racers to win brand-new cars and racing dresses as well. You can avail this opportunity by driving fast and winning every mission.

More about the application:

Moreover, the game takes you to different sites and locations in beautiful countries. You are able to experience a great view from the background as well. Also, there are many maps that can be customized for more enjoyment and fun. So, you can add new images, hoarding boards, and unique art as well. That means you are creating your own map with all the best items.

Furthermore, you can play the game with fellows in multiplayer mode and you can also play solo mode as well. But, it will be more fun if you are playing with friends because you can build a great team to defeat other players. Also, the game has a separate modification area where you can modify or customize the cars. You can add paint or new stickers to them as well.

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Features of CarX Street APK:

The game is not premium which means all the features and cars are free. Also, you don’t have to purchase any coins either.

  • Fastest Car: If you are able to win every match and complete all the tasks, you are able to win the fastest car in the game. Also, you can participate in different missions using this car as well.
  • Realistic Graphics: The game is built with high-definition graphics and you will experience amazing picture quality as well. Also, you are getting ultra-HD mode as well.
  • Simple controls: The cars can be controlled with gestures on the screen. So, you don’t have to panic about the controls. Also, you are able to change the control settings as well.
  • One-on-One: This mode is very thrilling, you can challenge your opponent to go one on one race. So, you can select the map and there will be a competition between you two only.
  • Police Chase: Another amazing mode is the police chase, where you are being chased by police cars and you have to escape from them. It raises blood pressure and brings more joy at the end.
  • Stunt Mode: If you are not in a mode to go on a race then you can play the stunt mode. In this mode, you have to perform many stunts that are part of the missions. You can take any car and perform these stunts.

Additional features of CarX Street APK:

  1. Simple gesture controls
  2. Smooth surface
  3. Exciting maps and view
  4. Realistic graphics
  5. Exciting sounds and music
  6. Best user interface
  7. Compatible with all devices
  8. Mobile-friendly user interface


The game will bring a real-time racing experience to your android device. You have to go through various obstacles, avoid being caught by the police, and play against the best players. So, it is a more thrilling game than other racing games. Download CarX Street APK now.

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