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Clan RTVE APK is an entertainment and learning application for kids. The application is sponsored by French channels that are broadcasting content for kids.
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12, December 2022

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Today, we are here with the new Clan RTVE APK which is a stable and free application. It targets kids by providing super-fun games and helping them to learn things easily. You must try this application once and know the miracle yourself.

what is Clan RTVE APK?

Clan RTVE APK is an entertainment and learning application for kids. The application is sponsored by French channels that are broadcasting content for kids. Also, the RTVE shows depict the best videos for learning and enjoyment. The application will be free to download and it is also very simple to control. All the users are encouraged to watch these Clan videos and enjoy them.

Adding to that, the application is best for teaching kids and school children. It contains many videos and Clan videos that depict the best stories. The kids will not lose interest and they will surely love the animation. Also, the carton pictures are interesting and attractive. So, this application can be your new tool to teach your kid the best lessons and stories through animated videos.

Additionally, the Clan RTVE APK is providing you with a huge collection of these animated videos. You will be getting videos in different categories as well. Also, the number of videos is increasing every day and new content is added by the app developers. This is done in order to give your kid fun elements every time. They will build a taste in these videos and they can learn many new things.

The Clan RTVE APK has a great selection of Clan series that can be smoothly accessible on your android devices. Also, users can download this application on tablets and PCs as well. This was not the case earlier but the huge demand of the users compelled the developers to launch these versions. Now, this application can be accessed on every android device with a high compatibility rate.

Moreover, there are series like Simon, Gormiti, Pocoyo, Ricky Zoom, Peppa Pig, Trolls, and many more. All these and other series are available with great graphics. The application has its own media support that can handle all formats of videos. You can watch either Ultra-HD or HD videos on this media player. If your device is not compatible with that then you can shift to low resolutions as well.

Furthermore, the users can be of any age group and they will enjoy the content. We are mostly targeting kids because of the animations. But, there are many things for adults in these series as well. They can surely enjoy the story and plot of these videos. Also, the users can set a favorite list to add all best of the best series in that list. So, they can access that easily.

Also, you can set alerts regarding the new series and upcoming clips as well. The new episodes of the long series will be recommended to you in notifications. You can enable this feature from the menu or settings. This is useful for those who cannot manage the time to regularly check the new arrivals list. Also, you cannot miss any best episodes as well.

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Features of Clan RTVE APK:

The application is available on websites and the play store, so there is no chance of being premium. All the content is free and the videos can be played with no membership.

  • Teach Coloring: You can teach your kids coloring through these videos. The characters are showing you how to color perfectly and how to handle the colors. So, your kids will learn fastly.
  • Various Languages: The application supports many languages and the users can shift from one to the other pretty swiftly. There is a shortcut for that and a separate icon as well.
  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. German
  4. Russian
  • Add to favorites: The most liked and watched Clan series can be added to the favorite list easily. You can tap on the icon for that or manually copy and paste it on this list.
  • Adult content: Certainly, this application is best for kids but there is more content for adults as well. They can enjoy the cinematography and plot of these series. Also, they can spend their leisure time watching these series.
  • Get Episodes: You are not going to miss any single Clan series episodes. The Clan TV APK will send you an alert about these episodes and you will jump into it quickly.
  • Set updates: The application is also getting updated with the new versions. You can set the time or date of the update and then upgrade the application to the latest version.
  • Best Learning material: The Clan TV APK has the best learning material for kids of less age. They will enjoy different games and activities that boost their learning abilities.

Additional features of Clan RTVE APK:

  1. Free to download and use
  2. Simple yet best design
  3. Smooth and easy user interface
  4. Best customization tools
  5. Get regular updates and episodes
  6. Amazing Clan series list
  7. Various language supports
  8. Mobile-friendly user interface
  9. No ads or cache files


The Clan RTVE APK is supported by the best channels that are working to build a bright future for new generations. The application is ad-free which means you will not get irritated and your device will not lag. This is the best gift for your children; they can play games, watch videos, and learn as well. So, download Clan RTVE APK now


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