CTM Team Mod Menu APK V3.6 (latest version) free Download


We are giving CTM Team Mod Menu APK to all those players who are struggling with the Free Fire game. Also, those who cannot spend money on premium game items. So, try this new injector and play the Garena Free Fire game!
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CTM Team
24, January 2023

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We are giving CTM Team Mod Menu APK to all those players who are struggling with the Free Fire game. Also, those who cannot spend money on premium game items. So, try this new injector and play the Garena Free Fire game!

what is CTM Team Mod Menu APK?

The Garena Free Fire game is going to be very easy for you with the new CTM Team Mod. This application is a cheat injector in the game, which makes the game even more interesting. The players will get all the premium things and premium features of the game with this free application. It will allow them to compete with the pro players and win the game.

Adding to that, the application has unlocked all the features like Aim-bot, ESP lines, Auto-Headshot, Teleportation, Drone vision, Recall, and many more. The users will use these hacks one by one to avoid any issues. There are many opponent players who can easily send a report about your activity. There is a chance that your account will get banned as well.

But, you don’t have to worry about that because the CTM Team Mod Menu APK will block all the reports about you. Your account will be protected and no one will detect your hacking activity. The other thing that you must keep in mind while using these hacks is that, enable the hacks at one time. Also, do not open the application once you are entering the battleground.

We recommend that you must select and open the hack that you want in the game in the lobby. The menu will show you all the hacks and cheat, you only have to enable them with just one click.

The CTM Team Mod Menu APK will give you access to unlock all the premium bundles in the Garena Free Fire game. You can get skins for all the heroes of the game. Most players are unlocking the bundles that are these bundles contain all the best things. Likewise, it contains outfits, bag packs, helmets, swords, etc. So, this is a great combo rather than just getting single skin.

Moreover, the users are always struggling to find loot and Medkit in the Free Fire game. So, this issue has been made easy by this application and you can get the direct location of the best guns, grenades, and Medkit. This is very crucial when you are landing from the parachute at the start of the match. You can get instant kills once you land on these guns.

Furthermore, the other feature of scope hack has a very important role to kill an enemy player from a distant area. This scope will not let your bullets pass the target without touching them. The shots will land on the target and you will deal damage easily. With that, the auto-headshot will help you knock the opponent with a simple weapon. also don’t forget to check FF hack APK

Features of the CTM Team Mod Menu APK:

The Garena Free Fire game is an online game and it has many premium features. You have to buy diamonds and top up your account to use these features. But, this application will give you all the things for free.

  • Anti-Ban: This is the most amazing and important feature of this application. It will protect your account and the officials will not ban your activity. Also, it restricts all reports as well.
  • Premium characters: The gamers in the Free Fire game love to play with Andrew and Adam, but these heroes are premium and require a lot of diamonds. So, you can unlock these heroes and others using CTM Team Mod Menu APK.
  1. Antonio
  2. Maya
  3. Maira
  4. Victor
  • Enhanced controls: The application is making the game very straightforward and easy for you. It gives you a fantastic grip on the screen controls and lets you change the settings as well.
  • Great inventory: You can upgrade the guns and add skins to them. This will improve the recoil and stability of the guns. Also, you will not tremble while firing with a 4x or 6x scope.
  • Parachute skins: the players are going to the spawn island on parachutes in the game. So, parachutes are very much boosting the game. Also, pro players have their own specific parachutes to pressurize the opponent players.
  • Recall towers: your teammates can go to recall towers to recall you again. If you are playing a rush game then you must one of your team players on the recall tower as well.

Additional features:

  1. Support Android devices
  2. Best hacks and cheats
  3. Anti-ban and 100% working
  4. Free to use all skins
  5. Recall and respawn
  6. No advertisements
  7. ESP lines and map hacks
  8. Drone vision and bird-eye view
  9. No verification or subscription


All the new players are seeking such applications but they are not getting 100% working applications. Also, they are quitting their game when they are not competing against pro players. So, this application will give the new players the best hacks and cheats to win the game.

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