FF hack APK Download (latest Auto Headshot) 2023 for Android


The FF hack APK allows you to activate any cheat you want in the Garena Free Fire game using the inbuilt mod menu. Whether it is related to aim hacks, ESPs, weapons or grenades you can easily use these hacks to outclass the opponents.
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01,january 2023

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Hey, gamers! As the latest version of free fire brings some very cool and awesome features, the users are seeking the safest access to them. The game is adding many new items and accessories; new modes, vehicles, Skins, Heroes, etc. that are making it even more interesting than before. So, to help you get all these we are here with the new FF hack APK.

So for that, all the players were waiting for a new mod menu where they can activate all the cheats for the game, now the wait ends here. That is because the FF hack APK is available to the public. With the help of this, you can activate any Free Fire cheat you want without paying anything. Also, it will guide you through the interface and you will surely enjoy the gameplay.

About FF hack APK:

The FF hack APK allows you to activate any cheat you want in the Garena Free Fire game using the inbuilt mod menu. Whether it is related to aim hacks, ESPs, weapons or grenades you can easily use these hacks to outclass the opponents. Also, the application is providing many battlefield hacks such as well like, Auto-headshot, Aim-lock, High jump, Speed hack, Teleportation, and many more.

Adding to that, by using the FF hack APK, you are diving into the ocean of premium characters and their suits. Many gamers are only playing these battle-royal games for premium outfits and heroes. So, these players are spending a handsome amount of money on these expenses. But, now they can get what they want without paying any single cent because of the FF hack APK.

The FF hack APK is unlocking all the paid costumes for Alok, Andrew, Antonio, Maya, Mack, etc. Also, there are complete bundles available in the Free Fire store for these characters as well. You can get these bundles without paying the diamond fee either. These bundles contain all the things like;

  • Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Shoes
  • Trousers
  • Headgears
  • Bags

The FF hack APK is going to make things easier for you. You will easily understand the navigations and controls of the interface. The user interface is designed with simple and easy menus. The menu will show up all the cheats and hacks for you. You can enable these hacks by clicking on the enable button on the menu. The list is huge and you can use them one by one on the battlefield.

Moreover, the users can easily get all the mythic emotes that these characters are showing. These emotes are giving complete animation in the lobby but they will only describe the gesture on the battleground. The users are advised to unlock all these mythic emote because they can put a lot of pressure on the opponent players. These emote are mostly shown in the lobby by all the players.

Furthermore, the FF hack APK is giving you complete control of the maps and modes. The Garena Free Fire game has various modes; single player, arena, duo game, squad game, classic, library, and a lot more. The gamers are mostly playing classics and they are building a squad for that. These modes are classified into ranked and unranked as well. we have similar function app which is known M1nx Trickshot APK 

Features of FF hack APK:

  1. No Diamonds: The FF hack APK is free of cost; it means you don’t have to pay any kind of virtual money like diamonds, coins, or gold. You just have to open the mod menu and activate any cheat you want one by one.
  2. Aimbot Auto: This hack is very useful while playing a ranked game. You can aim at the bots or new players without any effort. This can easily give a kill.
  3. Auto headshot: Most of the new players struggle with killing the enemy with headshots. It is very useful because you can kill the enemy with a single headshot. So, now you can enable this hack and easily kill the opponent.
  4. Sensitivity: the FF hack APK will enhance your game sensitivity and you will not struggle with aiming. This will help you to set the best sensitivity that you can easily control.
  5. ESP Fire Line: the ESP menu is a very important hack on this application. It will draw a line connecting your aim directly with the enemy. You are only pressing the fire button and your bullet will hit the target.
  6. Weapon Types: the players are selecting their favorite weapons from the inventory and they prefer to keep one long-range gun and one short-range one. So, you can do the same on the Garena Free Fire game.
  7. Walk and Run Hack: This hack will boost the speed of your character while running and walking.
  8. Medkit location: The users can easily get the location of Medkit and other ailments location on the map.

Additional features of FF hack APK:

  1. Free Ammo Bugs
  2. Double Weapon
  3. Fly Hack Up (1&3)
  4. Fast Forward X8
  5. Aim + Movement
  6. Teleport Kill
  7. Ghost Hack
  8. Teleport Car
  9. Far Camera view (1 to 5)
  10. Night Sky Mode
  11. Stone Wallhack


Lastly, Along with inbuilt cheats, FF hack APK works with all android devices. You can easily download and install this on your low Android phone as well as without any of the root permission. Also, the file size is reasonable to run smoothly on your phone. For the user’s convenience, the developer hasn’t changed the theme, story, and graphics so that you can enjoy the game with better modifications. So, Download FF hack APK now…

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