H4X MOD Menu APK Download (latest ) free for Android 2023


The H4X MOD Menu APK is a utility and additional application for all Garena Free Fire players. The application will be helping all the players unlock premium items and skins for free.
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12, December 2022

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We are here with an outstanding helping application for sad players of the Garena Free Fire game. This application will put smiles on your faces with the best features and graphics. Try out the new H4X MOD Menu APK and be a professional Free Fire gamer.

what is H4X MOD Menu APK?

The H4X MOD Menu APK is a utility and additional application for all Garena Free Fire players. The application will be helping all the players unlock premium items and skins for free. Also, the Garena Free Fire game will become easy. This game is a multi-mode game that puts you on very hard missions. You have to be a good player in order to win these missions.

Adding to that, the application will give you many hacks like Aim-menu, Aim-bot, Hide, telescope, fast travel, speed hack, Drone view, Map tricks, and many more. The users are getting these features for free and this boosts their gaming. The gamers can compete with premium players and they can defeat all rich gamers in one v one mode. Also, the hacks and cheats are less detectable.

Additionally, the H4X MOD Menu APK will help you to hack the entire playground of the Free Fire game. This game is set up on an island and the island will be your fighting place. You can get all the hacks and cheats to handle the incoming opponents. Also, you will be able to use the Map hacks to know about the next move of the opponent players.

Moreover, the application is best for high-end users but it works perfectly with low devices as well. If you are playing the Garena Free Fire game on any android device then you will not feel difficulty while installing this application on that. Also, the user interface is maintained amazingly. All the features and tools will suit your device interface and the servers will give instant replies to your issues.

Furthermore, the features like Aim menu consist of cheats to help you kill the opponent players easily. You can use these hacks while targeting someone from a far area. Also, the hack auto-headshot will give you the exact head target and the other player will be knocked out within seconds. Further, you can use the map to know about your teammates and the opposite players.

Also, the H4X MOD Menu APK is giving you a teleportation hack that will be transferring you from one area to other. You are changing your location and position in seconds. This will give you the benefit to attack the opponent players from different directions. With that, the location ESP will give you the exact position of other teams. You can get the idea that they are coming toward you or going away.

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Features of H4X MOD Menu APK:

The application is completely easy to download and free. Also, you will be enjoying all the hacks and utilities of the application with zero expense. So, try these features;

  • Speed hack: You will be having greater running and walking speed in the game. This feature can be enabled from the menu and it gives you wings to attain higher speed on the ground.
  • Skins and outfits: the characters in the Free Fire game look more attractive with skins and outfits. But, these outfits are premium and you cannot unlock them. So, this application will unlock these skins and outfits with no money.
  • Premium Characters: the Free Fire game characters are available in premium bundles. In order to unlock them freely, you must use this application. You don’t have to worry about money, the characters are;
  1. Alok
  2. Antonio
  3. Adam
  4. Sara
  5. Sarina
  6. Josh
  • ESP Location: This feature is the best for getting ideas about the same locations. You can get to know your teammates and the opposite teams as well. Also, it will connect you through lines.
  • Drone Eyes: This feature is pretty cool. It is giving you the eyes of a bird means you can monitor the whole battleground from above your head. All the things on the map will become smaller for you.
  • Recall: This hack is best for ranked games, those players who are pushing their ranks to reach the top can use this hack. It allows you to get additional life in the game.
  • Respawn: When you have been recalled, you can respawn in anywhere on the battlefield. This is helpful to avoid any issues while coming to the same place again and fighting with pro players.
  • Jump Hack: You are getting different hacks but the jumping hack is going to be your favorite one. This is best while moving through obstacles, also when you are stuck in the zone then you can use this hack.
  • Avoid Blue Zone: Your health will not get low in the zone, most users are irritated when the zone damages them. So, this hack is best for slow players.

Additional features of H4X MOD Menu APK:

  1. Best utility for Free Fire
  2. Unlimited hacks and tricks
  3. No hidden files
  4. Best controls and options
  5. Anti-ban and anti-detected
  6. Fast responsive servers
  7. Mobile-friendly user interface
  8. Compatible with Low devices

screenshots of H4X MOD Menu:


The Garena Free Fire users will be stunted with this utility application. They are going to be the best players in the game with simple and easy features. The application is customizable and effective. So, avoid using many hacks at a time and play the game smoothly.Download H4X MOD Menu APK now…


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