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Ibomma APK is basically a fast streaming app specially designed for Telugu people but the good thing about this app is that anyone can download this app.
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23, December 2022

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Ibomma APK is basically a fast streaming app specially designed for Telugu people but the good thing about this app is that anyone can download this app. The app got so many amazing features. We highly recommend you download this amazing app, The Ibomma APK.

About Ibomma APK:

This app is breathtakingly fast, secure, and free for all streaming apps to be downloaded it on IOS or on any device you wanted to. As you will download the app, you will see the movies and seasons which are just a click away from you. You can stream seasons full of action, thrill, and stories based on reality. This app even contains items to be watched with family.

Downloading this app is totally worth it. Why do we say that downloading this app is totally worth it? Because this app is the best streaming app. Its servers are the best. There are no glitches in this app. This app connects us with the world through the stories and the novella stories that we can stream for free. This app is worthy because of its amazing features in it.

This app is designed for the family. Streaming on this app is full of excitement. This Ibomma APK contains a medium to be watched with the family and also contains shows which are purely for children. The app is user-friendly and it’s very easy to operate.

As we have told before that this app contains a lot of entertainment and fun for the user. So, here is some of the stuff that is listed for you: this app is very amazing and outstanding in itself. It contains movies of your favorite iconic stars of Telugu, the seasons that are based on reality, and those which contain thrill action, and romance. The number of shows that are listed for children is a vast amount. It contains many materials like shows, movies, skits, real stories, novella stories, stories that are full of learning aspects, and new creative ideas for the children.

This app also contains a very vast variety to be watched with the family. The variety contains red-handed stories, novella stories, movies that are based on reality, action movies, thriller movies, and seasons of seasons which will be horror, thriller, and full of action.

The content of this app is absolutely stunning. This app even contains dramas that are surely for ladies. This app has paid attention to many aspects and brings the best for you. And the most important thing is that you can stream for free and enjoy whatever you want to watch.

The premium variant of this app is also available in the market and you can buy it easily but in actual you don’t need to buy the premium variant because there is not much difference other than a little number of premium movies and some adds.

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Features of Ibomma APK:

This app gives you complete pleasure and joy. You are free to go anywhere in this app and to play the latest famous movies, stories, seasons, novella stories, and many more. It gives HD resolution as well.

  • HD resolution: This app gives you a completely HD version for movies and other seasons whatever you wanted to see. In addition to this, Ibomma APK will give you ultra HD movies on your premium devices.
  • User-friendly: The servers of this app are very user-friendly and in addition to this, it’s totally free. Though this app is very easy to use still this app contains a proper user manual in it.
  • No buffering: As explained above that this app has very high graphics so questions might arise in our mind that this might take time to buffer but this is totally smooth to run.
  • Movie Categories: The range of this app containing movies, seasons, and dramas is very vast. This app has many categories of movies in it. Each type of movie and seasons have its own folder. It not only has Telugu movies in it but it also contains a vast amount of English movies dubbed. Now, users might think there must be not an HD resolution but this app has all the movies, reality shows, seasons, kid shows, and dramas in HD resolution.
  • Work fine on a low device: As this app has all the movies in high resolution so the user might think that it’s not going to work on a small device but the servers of this app are wonderful. It works absolutely fine on a low-caliber device.
  • No captcha, No Registration: This app totally cared about the user’s privacy and its priority so after downloading this app you simply have to play. You don’t need any registration or ReCaptcha to run this app on your device.
  • Free without any subscription: All the shows, movies, and seasons are totally free without any subscription.

Additional features of Ibomma APK:

  1. Live streaming became very easy
  2.  No subscription
  3. Can be used by all types of persons
  4. HD resolution
  5. Works on low devices
  6. User friendly
  7. The vast variety of movies


This app is absolutely stunning in all aspects and has good feedback. The most important thing is that it doesn’t have any subscription and users will enjoy it for free. Only HD movies are available which is a beautiful aspect for the user. Also, the application also sends alert messages and notifications for new seasons and movies. The user will get a lot of entertainment from this app. Also, you are highly recommended to download this app on your devices.

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