InstaSaver APK Download (latest v13.2) free for Android


The InstaSaver APK is an amazing free utility for Instagram. The application allows you to save videos, images, posts, and texts directly from Instagram.
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13 November, 2022

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Social media has impacted the life activities of every individual. You can see everyone obsessed with their social life nowadays. Also, there are many platforms on the internet that are allowing individuals to increase their social activities as well. We can take the example of Instagram and Facebook. So, today we are offering InstaSaver APK to save anything from Instagram.

Instagram is an amazing social media application that gives a platform to share and connect with people. The application allows users to add posts, videos, images, and text to their social circles. Also, it helps you to gain likes and followers on your account. So, that you can get benefit from that like you can enjoy the lifestyle of a celebrity or famous person as well.

what is  InstaSaver APK?

The InstaSaver APK is an amazing free utility for Instagram. The application allows you to save videos, images, posts, and texts directly from Instagram. You are not required to download any other file or tool to save content from Instagram. The application is free to download and does not require any premium subscription or registration.

Adding to that, the users can get simple controls and easy options to do the work. The tools are simple offering unique icons for every feature as well. Also, you can long press on the tab or icon for getting the settings. From there you can change or add any required item as well. Also, you can hide and un-hide these icons from the main menu of the application as well.

Moreover, the application can save videos from various sources and formats. You can either save videos from status or from the search feed. Also, you can save the videos from the main feeds as well. The videos can be of various formats and resolutions like HD, Ultra-HD, HDR, etc.

Also, you can save the pictures and documents from the posts as well. The application doesn’t alter or affect the original format of the pictures. Also, you can save the pictures in their original formats as well. With that, you can view the pictures in a good photo viewer for better resolutions.

Moreover, the InstaSaver APK has a fast downloading feature and it takes very less time to download videos from Instagram. The users can adjust the time and format of the videos using the tools offered by the application. Also, they can get the download icon with every video for more convenience as well.

Furthermore, the application is offering a simple yet fast user interface. The servers are very responsive and they offer services 24/7. Also, the users can get a very intuitive and intriguing interface that attracts many people to use the application. The UI is mobile-friendly and it is compatible with both low and high devices as well.

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Features of InstaSaver APK

The application will give you free hand to access any feature or tool without any money. Also, you can get the best interface with all the options organized smoothly.

  • Free to download: downloading videos or images from Instagram will be free for you. Also, you can save large videos and HD images without any issues.
  • Simple UI: the user interface of the application is very simple. It offers easy-to-use options that can be understood by everyone. Also, the controls are pretty smooth as well.
  • Save HD videos: the videos can be saved or downloaded in many formats. You can easily save the videos in Ultra-HD, HD, and other resolutions as well.
  • Photo Viewer: The application supports the best photo viewer for both images and videos. It has the best controls and easy gestures to view videos or images.
  • No log-in: the users are not bothered to go through any login or registration. The access is simple and completely free.
  • Zero Ads: the third-party advertisements are blocked by the application developer and you will not see any ad on this application.
  • Repost videos: the application will allow you to repost the downloaded images or videos again as well. Also, you don’t have to worry about the originality of the images.

Additional features of InstaSaver APK:

  1. Download and save for free
  2. Simple and easy controls
  3. View photos with the best sources
  4. Save status and feeds
  5. Download original videos and images
  6. Repost again with zero issues
  7. Compatible with low devices
  8. Mobile-friendly user interface
  9. Best servers
  10. No advertisements



The application will be the best utility on your android device to download videos and images from Instagram. Also, you are able to make a collection of the best images or videos on this application. You can also create an album for the history as well. So, download InstaSaver APK today and enjoy your Instagram usage.

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