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Mrsool Apk is also one of the most famous and widely used delivery apps in Saudi Arabia. This app has so many new and amazing features. Here you can order anything like food, makeup, medicines, grocery, and much more.
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30 November, 2022

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Saudi Arabia has a large population and people from all around the world live there. They have different shopping and delivery apps. Mrsool Apk is also one of the most famous and widely used delivery apps in Saudi Arabia. This app has so many new and amazing features. Here you can order anything like food, makeup, medicines, grocery, and much more.

This app gives you multiple options to pay you for online shopping like Marsool built-in wallet, Bank transfers, and Linked accounts of different govt and private banks. You can also use the ordering bot. This feature is the latest in the app. Are you curious about what is an ordering bot and how it works?

An ordering bot is an automatically driven operation designed to help people with the ordering process. For those people who get hesitated or are confused while ordering, all they need to do is select an item and use the ordering bot option for all further processes. It will make your orders for you. This feature was originally developed to help elderly people with ordering food, and medicines. It also helps people who use this app for the first time.

Place your orders with the Marsool apk and give lovely surprises to your friends and family members. This app will save a history of your all previous orders along with all details. You can also re-order them easily in a few clicks. This app will give you all discount deals and promotion vouchers for your searched items.

So you can choose what falls into your budget and save your money. This app gives special discounts to its daily and loyal users. Mrsool will make your life easy and convenient. Arabic and English, both languages are supported by this app. The English language was introduced to people who are outsiders in Saudi Arabia and have difficulty understanding Arabic.

what is Mrsool apk?

Mrsool Apk is an Android online shopping and delivery app making your shopping convenient. You can search for anything, In exploring the page you will see different sections of everything like

  • Cosmetics,
  • medicines,
  • groceries,
  •  Electronics,
  • Kids section,
  •  Undergarments,
  •  Men’s Section
  • Girl’s section
  • Sales and discounts
  • Promotional Vouchers
  • Limited time offers
  • Occasional and event discounts

This app will show you all online and physical stores and give you all price tags. You will be shown all available options from lowest to highest prices. You can order food from all the nearby restaurants in your city. Mrsool Apk will also make you unable to directly contact your delivery person, fix the rate, and also negotiate delivery charges. Not only this but one best features is that you can start your own small business on the Mrsool apk and earn money.

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Key features of Mrsool Apk:

  • All in one mall: You can buy clothes, shoes, gifts, makeup, and everything from here.
  • Classified items: All same types of items are classified in the app so when you will search for one all the similar options will show up on the screen.
  • Reviews and ratings: Online shopping may confuse you so you can look over reviews and starts to see the quality of the product.
  • Multiple payment options: You can pay as you want, through the bank, with a Marsool wallet.
  • Discount deals: All the discount deals are shown so you can save your money by shopping through discount offers.
  • Sale notifications: You will be notified every time a sale will be on your favorite store or your favorite products.
  • Multiple addresses: You can have more than one address on this app and have your gifts and stuff delivered to any address you want. This feature is used to give surprises to your loved ones.
  • Bonus points and vouchers: These bonus points and vouchers can be used to redeem and use as alternate payment methods.
  • Restaurants: You can order local food and international food like Korean steak, Indian biryani, and french lasagne with this app.
  • Pharmacy: You can purchase medicines, all OTC drugs can be bought without a prescription but to buy other medicines you need to upload a pic of the prescription.

Other features of Mrsool Apk:

  1. Works in all of Saudi Arabia
  2. Easy-to-use app
  3. Pay as you want
  4. Choose delivery charges f your choice
  5. Legal and authorized
  6. Trustworthy and reliable
  7. Login required to buy
  8. free to install and use


We assure you that by downloading Marsool Apk your life will become convenient. And you will be freed of hectic shopping. This app is completely legal by Saudi Govt and is reliable. With every new update, new stock is made available. And by starting selling things on the Mrsool app you can start your own business and make this app your business partner and earn money!




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