Score! Hero 2023 APK Download (latest version 2.70) free for Android


The Score! Hero 2023 APK is an extraordinary football game. This game unleashes all the football features and options to give you the virtual experience of playing football on-field.
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22 November, 2022

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If you are a football lover then you must have heard about various games that are giving virtual football experience. But, you will surely be going to love this new application that gives a realistic Football experience. The game is very easy and it is offered for free. So, the game is Score! Hero 2023 APK, a unique and amazing game for all football fans.

The world of the internet is full of such games and applications that cover many aspects of football. Also, some of them are free as well but they lack many features that attract gamers. There are many more things on the Football field than just the interface. You can perform virtually like a professional football player and complete all the missions.

what is Score! Hero 2023 APK?

The Score! Hero 2023 APK is an extraordinary football game. This game unleashes all the football features and options to give you the virtual experience of playing football on-field. You are able to play like many professional football players and enjoy the exciting crowd. Also, it offers you gesture-based controls for more easy navigation.

Adding to that, the game will allow you to control each and every option on the ground. You can select many things like passing, shooting, dribbling, dodging, short passes, skills, and a lot more. Also, you are able to identify the players for the long passes or short passes as well. You can create the best team that collaborates and lead you to victory by scoring goals.

Moreover, the Score! Hero 2023 APK provides you with simple controls and simple registration. Also, you are able to write your name on shirts and jerseys as well. At the beginning of the game, it requires a user name that is mainly your name on the jersey and you can add your favorite number as well. After that, the animations and videos take you to the amazing world of virtual football.

Once, you are entering the football ground, you are playing the role of the star player of the team. Also, the game gives you the option to select your club and country team as well. So, you can look for statistics or charts to choose which team is performing well or which team you can play. That provides more opportunities for you and you can become a famous player.

The Score! Hero 2023 APK gives you amazing graphics and sounds. The game is available in HD quality and it provides incredible sounds to boost your confidence when you score a goal. Also, it offers many animations and short clips that guide you through your journey. With that, the gameplay becomes more realistic and enjoyable.

Moreover, you can showcase various skills and tactics in the game. This can benefit you to become a star player and come under the eyes of many clubs or sponsors. Also, you can easily boost your skills and abilities which will help you to score more goals and lead your team to victory.

Furthermore, you are able to unlock many items and jerseys for your player. You can customize the player’s jersey, number, pattern, hairstyle, skin color, hair color, height, facial hair, and a lot more. These items are free for a specific moment but you can unlock those using virtual cash. You can earn this cash from completing missions and scoring goals.

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Features of Score! Hero 2023 APK:

The application is free to download and it does not bother you with any premium features. All the features will be accessed by the player without any issues.

  • Unique Gameplay: The game is built with a very unique and solitary plot. Also, it is a story-based game, so it is more enjoyable than other football games.
  • Play as star player: You can improve the skills and performance of your player to become a star player. Once, you are becoming a star player then you can play in expensive clubs and teams easily.
  • Customized Jersey: The game allows you to write your name and favorite number on the jersey and the player will become famous with your chosen name.
  • Amazing skills: You are getting the best skills to play like professional players. You can dodge the opponent player, dribble around them, and score an amazing goal easily.
  • Select Best Club: You are able to select the best club for your player. The application features many teams and clubs but you can analyze the performance charts and choose the best team easily.
  • Realistic Graphics: The game is more appealing and attractive with HD graphics. That provides realistic gameplay and you will enjoy the sounds as well.
  • Gesture controls: The game can be controlled by simple gestures and you can slide your finger on the screen to move the Football on the ground. Score an easy goal and be the best.

Additional features of Score! Hero 2023 APK:

  1. Fun and exciting gameplay
  2. Best commentary
  3. Enthusiastic and cherishing crowd
  4. Many teams and clubs
  5. Best skills and abilities
  6. Showcase new skills
  7. Compatible with Android devices
  8. Mobile-friendly user interface


This game challenges your skills and you can show your intellect in the game. You are able to score breathtaking goals and amaze people with super shots. So, tighten your shoes and play Score! Hero 2023 APK now.


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