Vice Online APK Download (latest version 1.1.0) free for Android


Vice Online APK is an action, battlefield, and real-time experience of what we usually do in our daily life. We can say that it is “GTA” of android which we used to play on computers. When we install and start the game it guides us to create a character of our own choice.
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Jarvi Games Ltd
30 November, 2022

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Experiencing real things in the form of games is a huge source of entertainment for us. We usually play battlefield games but this application is going to add more cringe to your experience of yourself in different developed cities of the world like Los Angeles, Miami, and many more. We are bringing the real essence of a role-playing game in the shape of Vice Online APK.

what is Vice Online APK?

Vice Online APK is an action, battlefield, and real-time experience of what we usually do in our daily life. We can say that it is “GTA” of android which we used to play on computers. When we install and start the game it guides us to create a character of our own choice. We can select skin color, hairstyle, face structure, body posture, and almost all the features which a human being possesses.

Adding to that, you can also choose some basic dresses from the given items for your character. By entering a unique name for your character you will be in the lobby of your game. Moving on and talking about the lobby interface of Vice Online APK, you will have your whole profile displayed.

In the right top corner, you will see your profile level along with your username. Following it there is a tab that has the daily rewards which you can collect daily. Also, you can find the daily task option following the reward tab. You will also have some points and coins with you which are given to you on the basis of your performance.

Coming to the most interesting part of the lobby of Vice Online APK. The option of a shop where you can buy cars, aircraft, ships, and bikes. This is the most propelling part of the shop. With every new update, you will have a new collection of cars, aircraft, and all the vehicles which keep you updated with the developing world. If you don’t have the most luxurious and expensive cars and vehicles in real but at least you can enjoy them in the game.

Moreover, the only way to buy these aircraft, cars, and other vehicles is through the exchange of gold and the money which you get as the reward of the game. You will earn more coins if you play well. You can also earn money by completing daily tasks on daily basis. Easier than this to just watch a few-second ad that gives you coins as a reward.

Furthermore, the online experience of the game makes it more interesting. Also, you are able to connect with different people from different parts of the world. This gives you to have a good experience to spend time with people of different cultures and different mentalities. You can also have the experience to talk with girls. This application doesn’t caricaturist boys and girls in different groups.

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Features of Vice Online APK:

  • Real-life Resemblance: you can relate your character to your real existence and a visit to different parts of the world with the most luxurious car collection. You can have a ride in the cold streets of Los Angeles on your sports bike.
  • Battleground Experience: Along with the great exploring experience, you are also able to have guns and armor. You can experience long and short-range guns in the game.
  • Quick Gun Change: You will be able to change the gun every time you find a new gun. If you don’t have any armor then you can use a fist to tackle any enemy of you.
  • Live World Audio Chat: In the Vice Online APK, you can have chats with random from other parts of the world. You can also avail of the Audio chat feature to have a smooth discussion with your friends during the game.
  • Online Participation: Moreover, it increases your active participation in the game. You can easily use these features while playing.
  • No Lag: The game algorithms are designed in a very precise way that they never disappoint the user in any part of the gaming experience.
  • Low Budget games: These programs are designed keeping low-budget gamers in mind. That is because there are many games that always require premium features.
  • Excellent Graphics: you can change the graphics according to your own will. This option also helps you to have a better gaming experience.
  • User-friendly Interface: The interface made by the developer is much appreciated by the old users. Also, it has received great feedback from the new users as well. The UI is very best.
  • Easy to use: You can identify all the menus and tabs easily whenever you want. It is also a good addition to the features of Vice Online APK, which are simple and easy as well.

Additional features of Vice Online APK:

  1. Free and extremely easy
  2. Simple and smooth navigation
  3. Fast and reliable service
  4. Best role-playing game
  5. Compatible with all Android devices
  6. Simple login and usage
  7. Cleared bugs and ads


The Vice Online APK is completely free to download and use. You don’t have to pay any penny to have it on your phone. Although, it is worth being a paid application to give a great gaming experience. Also, it is free for all the people who want to enjoy battlegrounds along with the exploration of the world’s most beautiful cities. So, download Vice Online.


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